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    Rodent Control

    Pest ID follow all of the Best Codes of Practice as laid out by the BPCA (British Pest Control Association), current Legislation and are supporters of the CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use)

    We offer humane pest control solutions

    After a detailed survey, we always discuss the options with each client to find the most effective method of clearing an infestation. Consideration of current legislation and the clients feelings are always at the top of our priorities.

    Bird Control, humane and effective solutions to modify bird behaviour

    Pest ID can control birds by way of netting, spikes to stop them roosting, gels and Falconry to change the birds habits and thus moving the problem on elsewhere.

    Providing the proper solution for your particular problem

    What is a pest? Animals are described as pests when they: • Threaten public health • Cause loss of goodwill • Become a nuisance through bites/stings or • Cause damage through gnawing or eating

    The best pest control expertise with professional tools to back it up

    With the right training, tools and experience, Pest ID can resolve most pest problems quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your day. We have the full backing of the BPCA and Hiscox Professional Pest Control Insurance.

    Mole Control

    You're in safe hands

    We believe we are by far the friendliest and most helpful people to do business with in the Pest Control industry. We are tasked with job and that's exactley what we do, however courtesy, turning up on time and always trying to exceed our customer expectations is very important to us too. We're happy to explain in detail what we are doing, how we do it and what should be expected. Or if you prefer, just deal with the problem and make it go away.

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    At Pest ID, we understand that if you have a pest issue, you will want problem resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal fuss or cost. 

    Pest ID provide a friendly, professional, prompt service to both the commercial and residential sectors. Our comprehensive pest control services protect your home, family and pets. Businesses owners can take advantage of our free site survey with a view to protect your business from pests on an ongoing basis.
    We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, where friendly technicians will talk you through the process and fix the problem for you. We are that confident that we will only ask for payment once the problem has been resolved.

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  • What is a pest?

    Animals are described as pests when they:

    • Threaten public health
    • Cause loss of goodwill
    • Become a nuisance through bites/stings or
    • Cause damage through gnawing or eating

    A hierarchy of risks are considered when clearing an infestation, starting with proofing, to stop further infestation and to prevent the problem coming back. Prevention of food/water/harbourage is often the next step, following by treatment of the infestation.

    Pest ID use a variety of the latest solutions to control/eliminate pests in Essex. With no two sites being exactly the same and when dealing with wild creatures a lot of thought is required to come up with the right solutions. 

  • Areas of expertise

    Pest ID offer a number of industry specific solutions as well as dealing with general household pests. Listed below are some of the main pests we deal with on a daily basis.

  • In addition to their irritating bites, bed bugs can become disruptive and costly to control if treated at the first signs of an infestation.

  • Wasps are particularly aggressive if threatened and send an 'attack' pheromone to anyone close enough to harm the nest. Treating quickly by a professional is the only safe answer.

  • Transference of harmful pathogens that cockroaches pick up from the floor, drains and waste areas can be a serious health hazzard and should be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

  • Maggots feed of putrid materials and as such the adult flies carry numerous diseases that they transfer onto food. Proofing and control can help avoid lots of unnecessary illnesses.

  • The larvae of moths can cause extensive damage to clothing, carpet and textiles as well as contaminating food and stock.

  • Urban foxes in particular have become fearless in their pursuit of scavenging, leaving particularly foul smelling excrement. Mass kills of poultry and livestock can also become a serious problem.

  • Left untreated, moles can ruin lawns, parks and pitches. Their tunnels and mole hills are potential trip hazards that can damage the ankles of humans and livestock.

  • A widespread pest that can contaminate food and cause damage through gnawing. Mice can spread several diseases that can be passed on to humans, including toxoplasmosis.

  • Rats can cause widespread and severe damage, including fire risks from gnawing electrical cables. They can contaminate food and spread several diseases such as Weil's disease.

  • As well as being a major nuisance, Feral Pigeons are particularly unhygienic contaminating foodstuffs. Their fouling can cause damage to structures and be very harmful to health.

  • Wild rabbits can cause untold damage to crops and their tunnels can undermine foundations, banks and even railway tracks. As cute as they are, they can become a very expensive problem. 

  • Grey squirrels are the main contributor to the demise of the red squirrel. If they enter your loft space, much damage can be done including fire risks from gnawing electrical cables.