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  • About Us

  • Our goal is for Pest ID to have the best reputation for Pest Control in Essex.....
    The concept behind Pest ID is to be a truly local Pest Control firm - supporting the local consumer and business community. By not stretching ourselves too far afield, we can provide the highest possible levels of service with the fastest achievable response times.  It is often said that it is not possible for a business to achieve speed, price and quality without sacrificing at least one element, but by limiting our area to within a 35 mile radius of South Woodham Ferrers, we believe we achieve all three.
    Pest ID have the full backing of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) and a support network of other reliable and trustworthy Pest Control firms who are happy to work with us on jobs that could be considered too much for us alone.
    Recent changes in legislation combined with new industry best codes of practice have meant significant changes in the way pest controllers should approach their work, with prevention and management of environments becoming more important than ever.
    No longer is the emphasis on killing and saturation poisoning, where possible we choose to use more subtle, yet just as effective methods that are kinder to the environment and more humane to the target creatures we aim to get eradicate from our clients properties.
    My years of experience have taught me just how important the customer is, how hard it is to win their trust and more importantly how vital it is to keep them. We genuinely take every step possible to keep our clients satisfied, which regularly leads to referrals and repeat business.
    So if you come on board as a new client, please share your experiences with others and help me achieve my goal of being the premier Pest Control Business in the area.
    Many thanks
    Ian Bright MBPR (Pest Control)